The Importance of Platinum Nitrate Recovery and Methods, with a Focus on Platinum Metals Prices

Platinum nitrate primarily exists in waste solutions, including industrial wastewater or laboratory waste fluids. We need to concentrate and pre-treat these waste fluids. Removing organic substances or other metallic impurities from the waste fluid is essential for better extraction of platinum nitrate. Now, let me elaborate on the recovery of platinum nitrate.

Precious Metal Recycling
For the extraction of platinum nitrate, we use the chemical precipitation method. The specific operation is as follows: use particular chemical reagents to form platinum nitrate precipitate, and then separate it from the liquid through filtration and other methods. This involves intricate chemical reactions, which I will not detail here.

Since it is a precipitate, the separated platinum nitrate cannot be used directly. We need to heat them and then add some reducing agents to extract platinum from these platinum nitrate precipitates.

The extracted platinum is then purified, and we can obtain platinum metal, concluding our recovery of platinum nitrate, impacting the platinum metals prices.