Fantaz Review – Fantaz Online Gaming Business Opportunity Review

Fantaz launched last month and this new online gaming Home Based Business opportunity could be exactly what your looking for.

Did you know that over 85 million Americans play video games online and global there are over 217 million online gamers world wide? Imagine if you could earn money off all of those online gamers. Well now you can.

Fantaz online gaming MLM has just launched but to be successful with the Fantaz business opportunity your going to need to learn how to market online and in this article Im going to walk you through exactly what you need to do to enjoy Fantaz success. But first what is Fantaz?

Founded by Brian Weiner, CEO and Bill McEwen, Executive Director,FantaZ is the supreme gaming destination where you can play online games for free and win cash prizes. You can also turn it into your very own business by inviting people and earning commissions and bonuses as a ZBO (FantaZ Business Owner). And, if you are a game developer or a celebrity, FantaZ present even more opportunities!

Fantaz essentially provides a platform in which savvy gamers can make money by playing online video games and creating a downline business opportunity for new recruits. When it comes to the compensation plan Fantaz offers a unilevel plan paying out seven levels deep. While following their compensation plan document takes a bit of time there is no doubting there is a lot of money to be made through marketing an online gaming platform where you can make money.

The secret to getting rich with Fantaz however is no different to any other network marketing opportunity. The simple truth is you need to learn how to recruit large numbers of players and to do this you are going to need some professional internet marketing help to generate the type of lead flow required to really make some serious cash.

Statistics across all Home Based Business opportunities show that only one to three people out of every 100 people you show your business opportunity to will actually sign up. So to make it large in Fantaz your going to need to put your marketing and advertising in front of 1000’s of people on a daily basis.

While this may sound a daunting task its actually a lot easier than you think if you employ the right online marketing strategies. Using a host of free strategies including blogging, forum marketing, social media marketing, twitter and video advertising through YouTube anyone can position their opportunity in front of 1000?s of people a day.

The key to Fantaz success is to have a good lead generation strategy that doesn’t take you hours and hours every day. With the free automation tools available online. It’s really easy to set up automated marketing through your blog, twitter and Facebook and this simple free strategy could save you hours every day.

Automation is one of the big secrets of professional internet marketers. I automate most of my business marketing and lead generation direct from my blog. In saying that if you don’t have a blog you could do exactly the same thing from your twitter account or your Facebook page.

Serious home based business marketers understand that automation of your Fantaz marketing is what its all about. My suggestion is if online gaming and MLM is your cup of tea get in quick because the company suggests that subscriptions will reach 1,000,000 people within the first 90 days of launch.

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